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CE Hours: 8 Hours
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Hard & Soft Tissue Grafting Summit
This 1-day lecture will highlight the most utilized bone augmentation & soft tissue/microsurgery procedures in clinical practice today.
30 seats available

July 9, 2019

XPert Presenter(s):
Maurice Salama, DMD Maurice Salama, DMD
Dr. Maurice A. Salama completed his undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1985, where he received his BS in Biology. Dr. Salama r ...


Howard Gluckman, BDS, MChD Howard Gluckman, BDS, MChD
South Africa
Dr Gluckman completed his dental training at the university of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1990. After spending a number of years in a general practice he complete ...


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Course Details:
A 1-Day Live Lecture (with Pig Jaws)
July 9, 2019, Istanbul Medipol University

Presented by:
Dr. Maurice Salama &
Dr. Howard Gluckman

Course Location:
Istanbul Medipol Universitesi
Kavacık south campus, conference room, 2nd floor
34810 Kavacık Beykoz/Istanbul


CE Credits:
8 Credit Hours (AGD PACE Approve Provider)

This 1-day Live Lecture will be unlike any other that DentalXP has provided before. Dr. Howard Gluckman will be covering Bone Augmentation Procedures & Dr. Maurice Salama will cover Soft Tissue Augmentation Procedures:

"Critical Bone Grafting Techniques: The Role of Bone Enhancement" with Howard Gluckman, BDS, MChD

The key to successful implant dentistry is the ability of the clinician to provide adequate volume and quality of bone to the recipient site. The desire is to utilize the least invasive and most conservative techniques needed to get the required results.

Extraction Socket Grafting, GBR, Onlay Block Grafting, Ridge Splitting and Expansion will be featured. The utilization and importance of bioactive modifiers such as PRF, PRGF, and autologous fibrin membranes will be highlighted.

This live lecture will highlight the 4 most utilized bone graft procedures in clinical practice which involve the socket graft and 3 different ridge augmentation techniques.

It will discuss in detail and simplify the process of site evaluation, critical anatomy, flap design, harvest techniques, suturing and the required armamentarium to perform these techniques.

Learning Objectives:
•To learn basic Surgical Anatomy and Incision Techniques in Hard Tissue Surgery

•To apply 5 commonly used bone grafting techniques in clinical practice

•To manage the “deficient” site through various and innovative augmentation techniques

•Autogeneous or Allograft Onlay Bone Blocks

•Allograft Bone Particulate Grafts and GBR

•Utilization and fixation of Collagen Membranes

•Ridge Splitting or Expansion Techniques

"Critical Soft Tissue Techniques in Esthetic & Implant Dentistry" with Maurice Salama, DMD

A critical soft tissue dimension is required for long-term predictable support of the gingival margin, crestal bone and restorative esthetics.
Part and parcel of a thorough dental evaluation today is to determine that gingival phenotype of the individual. Thickness of the gingiva, zone of attached tissue and tissue color all play important roles in developing the long-term health and esthetics in dental treatment of any kind. The exact determination of the location of the underlying bone acts as a prognostic indicator of future soft tissue levels.

Soft tissue grafting techniques, new regenerative materials and bioactivators will be highlighted. The expanding role of allograft materials (Alloderm, Dermis, Pericardium) and when to utilize them will be suggested. The ability of these combined protocols to alter the soft tissue profile around natural teeth, implants, edentulous ridges, as well as to support facial soft tissue structures will be reviewed as to its critical role in “Complete Esthetics”.
This live lecture will highlight the 3 most utilized soft tissue procedures in clinical practice, the socket graft, ridge augmentation and root coverage procedures. It will teach in detail and simplify the process of site evaluation, critical anatomy, flap design, harvest techniques and suturing.
Learning Objectives:
To learn basic surgical anatomy and incision techniques in soft tissue surgery
To apply three commonly used soft tissue grafting techniques in clinical practice
To learn modified suturing methods to secure flaps and grafts

Content to be covered:

Socket preservation
Products for filling the socket
Products for covering the socket
Ridge Augmentation for pontic and implant sites
Roll techniques
Inlay pouch technique
Onlay technique
Root coverage procedures
Connective tissue grafts - CTG
Semi-lunar grafts
Tunnel techniques

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