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John Kline, DDS

Dr. John Kline graduated from The Ohio State Dental School in 1974. Due to excellent GPS and DAT score he was allowed to enter dental school prior to graduation. He has maintained a private practice since 1974. Dr. Kline studied Dawson Gnathologic philosophy, William Strupp DDS, Henry Gremmion DDS, and many more. Dr Kline's affiliations include lifelong memberships to The American Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, Akron Dental Society, an Associate member of AAMOS and actively participates in numerous dental study cubs.

Dr Kline, a bruxer and clencher himself, has had a passion for bruxism from the first day of dental school. He has made and worn practically every type of bruxism guard brought to market, and shared many of these designs with patients, friends, and family in his many years of private practice only to find contradiction with nearly every scheme. Then, in 2009, Dr. Kline began working on new anti-chenching -bruxing device, following 5 years of testing, researching and modifying the design, he applied for and was awarded a utility patent on his MiniComfort concept.

Clinic Information

2800 S Arlington Rd Ste 103
Akron, OH 44312

Phone: (330) 644-8423
Fax: 330) 644-0884

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