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Pascal Zyman, DDS

Doctor Pascal Zyman graduated in 1985 from Paris VII, D.Diderot, School of Dentistry where he also retained a clinical assistant appointment in the Department of Restorative Dentistry.
He received his certificates in both Dental Materials and Prosthetic Dentistry from the same University.
He is the Past- President of the French Society of Esthetic Dentistry (2001-2002)
He is an Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED)
He is an Associate Member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry(AAED)

He is a member of the editorial board of different Journals:
Réalités Cliniques
l’Information Dentaire

Dr Zyman has published numerous articles on shade selection and communication, and also on composite and ceramic restorations. He has lectured extensively on the same topics in Europe.(more than 250 lectures)

1996:award of the best article of the year in the French journal, l’Information Dentaire
2001:award of the best article of the year in the French Journal, la Revue Odonto-Stomatologique, (ROS)

Marrakech, April 12th 1997:how to better communicate shape and color with the dental technician
Cannes, France:June 6th, 1997:the evolution of ceramics
Paris:January 15th ,1998:the battle of the bond
Caen:March 13th, 1998:composite inlays
Marrakech,April 17th,1998:how to select dental shade
Paris,May 2nd,1998:lecture at the EAED:Towards a new communication between the dentist and the lab technician
Paris, september 25th, 1998:how to achieve good posterior composite restoration
Nice, June 11th, 1999:composite resin restorations
Paris:September 14th, 1999:CIDE:composite inlays
Wales October 15th, 1999:British Academy of Esthetic Dentistry::shade selection
Paris, January 16th, 2000:the American Dental Club of Paris:Shade selection and communication
Lyon:March 9th, 2000:JORA:Invisible composite resin restorations
Paris,October 26th,2000:ADDA:composites
Videoconference in all of France(50 areas):January 25th, 2001;FDA:the amalgam substitutes
Paris, March 1, 2001:CIDE:Composite Aesthetic Restorations on Anterior teeth:rational direct technique
Nice:March 10th, 2002:to a new communication between the periodontist, general practitioner and the laboratory technician
Bruxelles:February 22 nd,2003:Belgium Academy of Esthetic Dentistry:critical keys in bonded restorations
Washington november, 2002:joint IFED and AAED:shade selection:with the eye or the machines?
Capry May, 2003:EAED:Shade selection-old style
Paris, September 2003:anterior composite restorations:playing with lights and shadows
Paris, December 2003:videoconference:layering techniques with composite resin restorations
Copenhagen:March 20th 2004:recording and communicationg shade with the old style and some new tools
Grenoble,January 20th , 2005:esthetic bonded restorations
Konstanz, september 10th, 2005:selection of composite resin for the layering technique
Istanbul, September 17th:the anterior composite challenge:playing with light and shadows
Bordeaux, October 8th, 2005:esthetic treatment of the central incisor:from the composite to the ceramic
Beyrout, November 19th, 2005:materials and techniques for the 21th century
Cayman, August 5th, 2006:AAED:Translating colors in words and techniques
Paris, November 2007 ,ADF:direct video on laminates preparation and bonding

Clinic Information
Private Practice
19, Avenue d'Eylau
Paris, 75116

Phone: 33153651080
Fax: 33153651070

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