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Our history and mission

Blue Sky Bio, LLC was founded over a decade ago by practitioners, engineers and designers to create top quality, compatible implants and accessories at a reasonable cost. Today, our mission remains the same. However, we are not just implant manufacturers; we are innovators. Our implant lines boast a number of new design innovations which simplify implant placement and restoration while adding levels of safety, success, and reliability for you and your patients.

At Blue Sky Bio, we like to think that we’re not just compatible with implants, we are compatible with you- the value minded experienced practitioner.

Our compatibility is innovative

Our products are specifically geared towards experienced implant practitioners who are already familiar with Straumann, Nobel or Zimmer Dental implants. Blue Sky Bio's team took the internal taper implant concept, which has been successful and growing in popularity for more than 20 years, and introduced additional innovations, creating 'true' esthetic implants and simplifying the surgical procedure with our patented mountless design, and making it Straumann compatible. In addition, we have redesigned the trilobe implant to resist insertion forces of over 100Ncm. Our innovations also incorporate extended apical bone threads, a conical connection abutment, and platform switching, all while keeping it compatible. Additionally, Blue Sky Bio abutments and analogs are designed to simplify the impression and laboratory processes by eliminating the need for any impression components.

The surface of all Blue Sky Bio implants are blasted with resorbable media and acid washed to achieve a roughened surface, without residue, for optimal osseointegration. All parts are made in the United States in FDA and ISO registered facilities. The machining tolerances are some of the best in the industry and each individual part is inspected for uncompromised quality.

Innovation and value together

Blue Sky Bio realized many years ago that the standard antiquated business model that other implant companies follow only results in high product prices for the customer and distractions in the office. Blue Sky Bio was the first implant company to think outside the box. Can we have innovation and value together? Yes. Our innovative business model keeps operating costs down. Blue Sky Bio does not employ sales or teaching representatives. However, clinical support is only an email or phone call away with experienced practitioners. Blue Sky Bio does not print and distribute expensive color brochures. All information about our products is available on our webpage accessible to you no matter where you are, at any time of the day. Blue Sky Bio does not pay practitioners to endorse our products, send coffee mugs, buy lunches, or sponsor speakers. We dedicate all of our efforts to the areas that matter most; engineering and fabricating the best possible implants and prosthetic parts. The results are reflected in the clinical ease and safety of your procedures, your bottom line, the success of your implant cases, and your patient’s safety and satisfaction.

We at Blue Sky Bio are convinced that you and your patients will benefit from our products. We appreciate each and every customer equally. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve even more. Contact us anytime.

Contact Information
Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-446-6724

Mailing Address
888 E. Belvidere Rd. Suite 212
Grayslake, IL 60030

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