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Advancing The Art Of Osseous Surgery

Since creating the first piezoelectric surgical system in 1997, Piezosurgery Incorporated and Mectron Medical Technology have remained dedicated to refining and improving the technology – ensuring that our proprietary systems continue to lead the industry in performance.

PIEZOSURGERY® is a comprehensive approach to improving patient outcomes while reducing risk and optimizing the efficiency of your practice. Piezosurgery “Incorporated offers the most advanced technology, with a complete range of products tailored to your specific needs, and supported by industry-leading training and service.
Piezosurgery® touch

The PIEZOSURGERY® touch device has several innovative features including a black glass touch screen, handpieces with swivel LED lights for optimum visibility, a more compact and versatile console, and a new and improved computerized feedback system. For ease of use, this device also features intuitive setting controls as well as four handpiece holder configurations.

PIEZOSURGERY® touch is our top-of-the-line device, developed specifically for the progressive specialist practice. It is ideally suited for daily use in numerous surgical applications. In addition to being the best surgical instrument for the dental practitioner, its automated functions and streamlined settings also make its setup, use and maintenance easy and less time consuming for the entire surgical team.

Upcoming Events 

Shows/ Courses Date Website
2018 ICOI Winter Implant Symposium 1/11/2018
2018 Seattle Study Club Symposium
2018 Yankee Dental Congress 1/25/2018
2018 Interinstitutional Meeting 1/26/2018
2018 Southwest Society of Periodontists Winter Meeting 1/26/2018
2018 USC Periodontal & Implant Symposium
2018 Meisinger's 8th Annual High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Symposium 1/31/2018
2018 Dental XP Global Symposium 2/8/2018
 2018 Osteology Symposium 2/9/2018
2018 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting 2/22/2018
 For a full list of  Piezosurgery® Courses and Events please visit our EVENTS page. 
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