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Fahl Center

The Fahl Center was created to provide high level education in an optimum learning environment. Our motto is: “Here you learn how to do it!”

Our Philosophy
New techniques and materials become available in growing numbers each day. Attending meetings and lectures does not suffice if one really wants to learn a new concept. The courses available at the Fahl Center were designed to change paradigms and create new phylosophical and practical concepts in direct and indirect restorations.

We created a unique teaching facility in Brazil where:
-You only have to bring your “will” to learn.
- All materials used for the hands-on training are provided by the Fahl Center.
- You will be immersed for a full week working with state-of-the-art materials and techniques that will change your professional life.

The introduction of each topic is made in an enthusiastic, direct, practical and interactive way through the use of slides, videos and live demonstrations on models.

Hands-On Laboratory Teaching
The subjects addressed during the lecture are taken to a practical and interactive level. Each student will reproduce the steps demonstrated by Dr. Fahl, as he teaches the restorative techniques live. The students receive direct supervision from Dr. Fahl and his assistant instructors while they work.

Contact Information
Fahl Center
Phone: 55-41-3224-3008

Mailing Address
R. Visconde do Rio Branco, 1335 – suite 12
Curitiba, PR, 80420-210

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