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Who we are

Ritter has been in business for over 130 years dating back to 1887, and since then we have been combining the highest quality German-made products into lasting partnerships within the dental community. Ritter products and relationships have been proudly passed down from generation to generation.

Ritter implants are manufactured from the best available grade 5 titanium with the SB/LA treatment process. Ritter implants are sand blasted with titanium oxide (the very definition of large grit) then they are acid etched. Blasting with titanium rather than aluminum results in a cleaner final product creating a macro surface of 20 to 40 microns, while the acid etching creates a micro surface averaging 2 microns. The independent laboratory SEM photos prove Ritter implants has successfully applied a uniform surface treatment throughout the implant, even above, below and in between the threads. The combination of the grade 5 titanium, the SB/LA surface treatment, along with the tapered aggressive tread design, makes Ritter implants the best choice for your practice.

Triple Purpose Drill

Why use 3 drills when you can use ONE?

The Ritter Implants Triple Purpose Surgical Drill, designed by Dr. Maurice Salama, was made to simplify the drilling process for every implant system. Our drill can take the place of 3 drills!

Notice the marking tip, 13mm twist drill and 3mm lance drill work together to streamline your process!

Torque Ratchet

The Best replacement ratchet for Nobel® & Straumann® users!

You need this Torque Ratchet! Our ergonomically designed Torque Ratchet with Tension Arm is stronger, more durable and compatible with other systems - such as Straumann® & Nobel®.

Contact Information
Basil Battah
Phone: 1-855-807-8111

Mailing Address
4310 West Ave
San Antonio, TX 78213

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