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Douglas H. Mahn, DDS

Douglas H. Mahn, D.D.S. is a periodontist in private practice in Manassas, Virginia. Dr. Mahn graduated from SUNY Stony Brook Dental School in 1990 and completed his periodontal residency at the MCV, School

of Dentistry in 1992. He also completed a residency on TMD/Orofacial Pain at NYU College of Dentistry in 1996. Dr. Mahn’s practice emphasizes perioplastic, regenerative, and dental implant therapies. He has many publications and has lectured on these topics. Dr. Mahn was on the Editorial Advisory Board of the dental journal PPAD. Dr. Mahn has been listed on several “Top Dentists Lists” including Washingtonian, Virginia Living and Northern Virginia magazines.

Work Experience:

1998-Present Private practice limited to periodontics and implant dentistry, Manassas, VA

1992-1998 Practiced in several group practices as a periodontist and implantologist in NY, NJ, & CT


1994-1996 NYU, College of Dentistry, Residency in TMD/Orofacial Pain

1990-1992 MCV, School of Dentistry, Post-Graduate Program in Periodontology

1986-1990 SUNY Stony Brook, School of Dental Medicine, D.D.S.

1981-1985 SUNY Binghamton, B.A. Biology, Honors

Professional Awards:

1998 Diplomat, American Board of Orofacial Pain

1990 Academy of General Dentistry, Senior Student Award

1990 John Oppie McCall Award Periodontics

1990 Alpha Omega Undergraduate Scholarship Award


American Dental Association

Virginia Dental Association

Northern Virginia Dental Association

American Academy of Periodontology

Academy of Osseointegration

Manassas Dental Study Club: President 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007

List of Publications: (Updated Sept. 2013)

30) Mahn DH, Presitipino T. Mahn DH, Prestipino T. CAD/CAM Implant Abutments Using Coded Healing Abutments: A Detailed Description of the Restorative Process. Compendium 2013;34(8):612-615.

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4) Mahn DH. Treatment of Gingival Recession with a Modified “Tunnel” Technique and an Acellular Dermal Connective Tissue Allograft. Pract Proc Aesthetic Dent 2001: 13(1): 69-74

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2) Cochran D, Mahn DH. Dental implants and Regeneration, Part 1: Overview and Biological Considerations. Clark’s Clinical Dentistry, 1992

1) Mahn DH, Shiu A, and Renner RP. Three Methods of Fabricating Autopolymerizing Acrylic Resin Provisional Restorations. QDT Yearbook 1989: 13: 111-120

Clinic Information

10610-B Crestwood Drive
Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: 703-392-8844

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